Global Resources

Resources for a More Peaceful World The following links will direct the reader to national and international organizations that promote peace throughout the globe through innovative projects, education, and information.

National Security Links An important aspect of global studies is the study of how nations pursue their various national security interests. This page will direct the reader to useful resources about the American system of national security, US national security objectives, and agencies. 


  1. Institute for Global Studies (IGS)- University of Minnesota

  2. Global Studies Institute

  3. Global Institute of Study

  4. Institute of Global Cultural Studies (IGCS)- Binghamton University

  5. Institute for Global Studies (igs)- university of Deleware

  6. Stony Brook Institute for Global Studies (SBIGS)

  7. Global Penn State

  8. Institute for global Studies in Culture, Power and History- John Hopkins University 

  9. Global Studies Institute Australia

The Global Institutes