Get involved! Start an alumni chapter or group today


Would you like to strengthen your ties with your fellow Saint Marians? Would you like to build a fuller and richer connection with your alma mater?


There's so much exciting growth going on within the Saint Mary community today. And whether you are an alum of St. Mary's Academy, Saint Mary College, or the university, we want to help nurture your ongoing connection to Saint Mary.


Your insight and interest is important and greatly appreciated! We're looking for dynamic alums who would like to participate—or simply lend advice—on building alumni chapters or alumni social groups throughout the country. It's important for our alums to stay connected to each other and to the institution because, after all, you are the greatest advocates for Saint Mary and its mission in your community.


Making an impact doesn't require major investments of time. Here are some simple ways to continue to build USM's alumni community:

  • Meet for dinners

  • host afternoon brunches

  • set up a happy hour

We want our alums gathering to celebrate each other and their individual accomplishments, to help each other in times when advice or networking may be needed, and to share your experiences at USM and how it impacted your life.


If these meeting can occur on a regular basis, you could even start participating in Saint Mary activities as alumni chapters or groups. These groups would have direct connections with the university, and could even help guide our current students and future alumni. They need your advice, guidance, and support.


Contact Sharon Clay at 913-758-6108 or if you have ideas or are interested in helping to start an alumni chapter or social group in your area. We would love to discuss any ideas you have.



Alumni Groups


» Greater KC Alumni Council. Contacts:
Laura Caulfield, President 

Lorraine Gordon, Vice President
Agnes Phelps, Secretary
Noreen Azzarelli, Treasurer

» Seattle Area Alumni Group. Contacts: 
Olivia Robinson
Laura Jaurequi

» St. Louis Gateway Chapter. Contacts: 
Anne Doerr
, Coordinator
Carolyn Parmer, Secretary
Gloria Fairchild, Treasurer

» Denver Area Alumni Group. Contact:
Mary Alice Bramming

Mimi Lowrey