Evening & Graduate Programs

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


The USM MBA program will make you an effective leader and manager. And, in keeping with our Catholic heritage, USM emphasizes the moral and ethical responsibilities of business and explores how they impact strategic—as well as day-to-day—decision making.

Chose from six concentrations to find the MBA that fits you best: Health Care Management, Finance, Marketing & Advertising Management, General Management, Human Resources, and Enterprise Risk Management. Earn your MBA in as little as one year!

The USM MBA will teach you how to:

  • Recognize critical, strategic, and organizational problems and make effective decisions to address them

  • Evaluate and balance decisions based on competing demands within your business

  • Understand the ethical and societal implications of business decisions and act accordingly

  • Respond effectively to changing factors in the marketplace that affect the competitive position of your business

  • Enhance your business’ strategic advantages

Flexible Scheduling

Classes are held Monday through Thursday, 6 p.m. to 9:50 p.m. Most classes meet once a week per term. Terms begin in January, March, May, August, and October, and you can start at any term.

The MBA curriculum is sequenced to allow program completion in 12-24 months. Courses are taught year round on a regular rotation on campus or online. Summer term courses, elective courses, and other selected courses may use alternative delivery methods.


Core Courses:
701 — Organizational Management
704 — Marketing Management
708 — Human Resource Management
709 — Managerial Economics
711 — Managerial Accounting
712 — Managerial Finance
713 — Operations Management
714 — Global Management
795 — Strategic Management and Ethics

The Finance Concentration requires you to choose three of the following courses:

MGT 760 — Advanced Financial Topics
MGT 765 — Current Financial Trends
MGT 768 — Financial and Capital Issues
MGT 769 — Financial Decisions
MGT 784 — Money and Banking

The General Management Concentration requires any three of the following courses:

MGT 731 — Management Information Systems
MGT 738 — Advanced Marketing Concepts
MGT 750 — Leadership
MGT 751 — Project Management
MGT 752 — Small Business Management
Any Finance course
Any Human Resource Management course
Any Health Care Management course
Any Marketing and Advertising course
Any Enterprise Risk Management Course

The Health Care Management Concentration requires you to choose three of the following five online courses*:

HCMGT 715 — Communications & Relationship Building
HCMGT 716 — Leadership & Management
HCMGT 717 — Business Skills for Health Care Managers
HCMGT 718 — Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care
HCMGT 719 — Topics in Health Care Management

The Human Resources Concentration requires you to choose three of the following courses:

MGT 724 — Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
MGT 753 — Conflict Management and Negotiation
MGT 757 — Training and Development
MGT 762 — Work Styles and Generations in the Workplace
MGT 774 — Organizational Change and Development

The Marketing & Advertising Management Concentration consists of the following three courses*:

MGT 747 — The Advertising Industry in the 21st Century
MGT 748 — Buyer Behavior and Marketing Research
MGT 749 — Advanced Marketing Strategy and Planning

The Enterprise Risk Management Concentration consists of the following three courses*:

MGT 776 Enterprise Risk Management:  Culture Management, and Control 
MGT 777 The Role of ERM in Strategic Planning
MGT 778 Practical Application of Enterprise Risk Management—Student Project

*Note: These elective courses are only available online.