Accelerated BSN FAQs

Is the BSN Track right for you?

» If you're passionate about nursing and willing to dedicate a year of your time to your education, the accelerated track can be a highly-rewarding path.

» Candidates should be highly motivated, as you'll basically be finishing two years of schooling in just 12 months.

» To be considered, you MUST have a BS or BA degree in another field from an accredited college or university.

» Candidates are also expected to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on all prior academic work.


What is the application deadline for the USM Accelerated BSN program?

The supplemental Accelerated application is due by the 15th of March each year and the current application is always available online. Click here to apply.


Do all of the pre-requisite courses need to be completed by the time I apply?

All pre-requisite courses must be completed by the end of the spring semester the year you apply. No grade lower than a C is accepted. The application has a location for courses in progress to list your current enrollment. Your acceptance may be conditional pending receipt of your final grades from all in-progress classes.


May I take my pre-requisite courses at other colleges and transfer them in?

Many of your pre-requisite courses can be transferred in from other schools. You may be asked to provide a course description or syllabus so that we can determine if the course will transfer.


What if I took Anatomy and Physiology separately, is that ok?

Yes, we accept A&P together or separate (Anatomy must have a lab and both may not be older than 5 years. You must have a grade no lower than a C, and higher is better). If you took A&P I only then it must meet the 5-6 credit hour requirement.


Can I apply in March before I receive my degree if my degree and all of the pre-requisites will be completed by the summer semester?

Yes, but proof of degree earned must be sent immediately upon graduation in May. If accepted, it will be conditional pending a final transcript and degree confirmation. Students graduating in the summer are not eligible to apply to that year’s summer II start date.


When does the program begin?

The Accelerated BSN program begins every summer II term. For academic year 2012-2013 the summer II term begins June 25, 2012.


How long is the Accelerated BSN program?

The program is 12 months. Students start in summer II, then go in the fall, spring, and finish in summer I term.



What is your TEAS Testing Policy and how do I sign-up for the test?

Once your application, resume, and personal essay have been received you will be sent an email with the next few available testing dates. The email will include directions and information for testing to include fees and preparation information.


How intense is the program? What would a typical week look like?

The program is 58 credit hours of courses and 772.5 hours of clinical/laboratory experience in just 12 months. Students should expect to be doing school related tasks Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. These tasks can include classes, clinicals, and labs. Clinical work times will depend on the hospital and unit the student is assigned to; there may be nights, weekends, and 12 hour shifts.


How and when are admissions decisions made for the Accelerated program?

The Accelerated Admission Committee will meet to review all complete application packets. Students that have the required pre-requisites and GPA will be considered. The committee will make decisions based on the pre-requisite courses GPA, the application and personal essay, resume (be sure to include any healthcare, volunteer or leadership work that you have done), Bachelor’s degree GPA, two reference letters, and the face-to-face interview. The decisions will be made by early April, at which point letters will be sent to all candidates.


When I graduate with my BSN, will I be an RN as well?

Students prepare for the NCLEX-RN licensing exam as part of the BSN curriculum. You must pass the exam to be a licensed RN. Graduation from the program does not guarantee licensure.


What if I have more questions?

You can contact Michelle Johnson in the Nursing Department. Her phone number is 913-758-4381 and her email is