Global Links: Resources for a More Peaceful World

The following links will direct the reader to national and international organizations that promote peace throughout the globe through innovative projects, education, and information.
Carter Center for International Peace
American Friends Service Committee
Quaker Center for World Peace
Institute for Peace and Justice
United States Institute of Peace
Grant Program for Peace Projects
Islamic Peace and Friendship Initiative
Developing Sister Cities between the US and Middle East
Middle East Ministries
Encouraging Friendship Among the Children of Abraham
US Catholic Bishops
Social Development and World Peace
Converge Link Center
Links for International Peace and Conflict Resolution[]/
UNESCO Peace Institutes Database
5 Stages of the Public Peace Process
US National Peace Corps
International Peace Initiatives
Initiatives for International Dialogue
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
International Peace Academy
International Peace Bureau
International Peace Operations Association
United States Institute of Peace
International Committee for the Peace Council