Other miscellaneous options, fees, and charges


Rental Contact:
Sharon Clay
913-758-6108 Sharon.Clay@stmary.edu

Please note: A minimum deposit of $200 is due with your signed contract.  

Kansas sales tax is 8.3 percent, and will be added to all snacks, meals, and audio-visual rental unless the organization is exempt from paying sales tax.

Overhead projector

$15 a day

overhead projector


$15 a day, $30 minimum charge

Other miscellaneous
electric devices

$5 a day

Newsprint pad
and markers 

$6 a pad

Additional microphone

First microphone is free. Additional mics are $10 a day

Cordless microphone

$15 a day

Lost or damaged key

$75 per key

Lost or damaged
scanner card

$20 per card

Copy service

10 cents a page

Fax service

50 cents a page (incoming or outgoing)

Meals and catering

Must be ordered through Aramark. Consult Aramark's 
catering guide for more information »