Student Goals


Student Goal #1

Graduates will practice physical therapy as autonomous practitioners at entry level competencies consistent with the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice and the American Physical Therapy Association’s Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, and Guide for Professional Conduct.

Student Goal #2

Graduates will behave in ways that are congruent and consistent with the program's ten core values and with the "generic abilities".

Student Goal #3

Graduates will develop a desire and responsibility for professional development and advancement as lifelong learners.

Student Goal #4

Graduates will advocate for their profession and patients, and engage communities with social responsibility.

Student Goal #5

Graduates will work effectively in globally diverse settings with people from a variety of cultures, using evidence, published research, and critically reflective practice.

Student Goal #6

Graduates will promote wellness and healthy habits emphasizing the importance of these concepts to patients and clients.

Student Goal #7

Graduates will engage in, or be consumers of, critical inquiry and will use such information as a basis of examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, plan of care, treatment, and discharge planning.

Student Goal #8

Graduates will work effectively with a variety of health care professionals using principles of good communication and conflict resolution.

Student Goal #9

Graduates will be excellent educators advocating for the profession of physical therapy to deliver the best health care possible to individuals, organizations, and society.

Student Goals #10

Graduates will facilitate the use of current research in the application of evidence-based practice.

Distilled Department of Physical Therapy Program Learning Outcomes


Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

During matriculation students will:

  1. Think critically, identify problems, and manage patients properly

  2. Possess comprehensive knowledge and skills that are applied appropriately

  3. Demonstrate the utmost empathy

  4. Demonstrate professional maturity and exercise superlative communication strategies

  5. Understand and engage in research agendas and/or apply evidence-based concepts

  6. Display professional and ethical behaviors

  7. Possess administrative and organizational management abilities

  8. Advocate for the common welfare of the community and for professional issues

  9. Educate others effectively

  10. Excel in professional development and have up-to-date knowledge in applicable research

  11. Function safely and effectively while adhering to legal, ethical, moral, and professional standards

  12. Engage in reflective practice which embraces core values, cultural sensitivity, and demonstrates respect for individuals and cultures

  13. Utilize critical inquiry, evidence-based practice, and reflective practice

  14. Function as an integral member of the healthcare team, will administrate and manage appropriately, and will be an active member of professional and community organizations

  15. Advocate for patient rights and promote and improve community health

  16. Engage in lifelong learning and professional development

  17. Display behaviors that are consistent with the ten core values of the physical therapy program