Prerequisite Courses

(Listed as a minimum number of required hours in each discipline)


(Other courses, or in some cases, significant experience, might meet the requirement)

English: 9 Semester Hours are Required.

EN 111 and EN 112, and EN 251 or 252, or other literature courses; EN 310 (primarily for transfer students)

General writing or composition
Creative writing and/or technical writing /One literature course

Lifetime Wellness: 1-2 Semester Hours are Required, or Demonstrable Knowledge, or Documented Experience.

SCA 250, or demonstrable knowledge, or documented experience

Fundamental information about health, wellness, and fitness

Public Speaking: 3 Semester Hours are Required.

COM 120

Public speaking

Human Geography or Sociology or Cultural Anthropology: 3 Semester Hours are Required in one of these Disciplines.

SO 110 or GS 155 or GS 250

Concepts regarding culture, society, or fundamental human characteristics

Mathematics: 5 Semester Hours are Required and must include one Precalculus Course OR Courses that include Algebra and Trigonometry

Possibilities are: MA 210 and MA 211; or MA 221 and MA 222

College Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, or Calculus

Statistics: 3 Semester Hours are Required.

MA 230 or PYCR 586

Courses that include the use of computer statistical packages are preferred.

Traditional Physics: 6 Semester Hours are Required.

PHY 215 and PHY 216

Courses must be “computational” in nature.  “Survey” courses will NOT fulfill this requirement.

Chemistry: 6 Semester Hours are Required.

CH 121 and CH 122

General Chemistry Courses are required.  Courses in Organic Chemistry or in Biochemistry are nice additions but not required.

6 Semester Hours are Required, but 9 Hours are Recommended.

PY 150; PYAPY 352 and APYCR 325.  Recommended: PY 535

One Basic or Introductory Course, and one course in Applied Psychology.  A course in Abnormal Psychology is highly recommended.

General or Cellular Biology
6 Semester Hours are Required

BI 212 and BI 220

A Course(s) that Relates to Cellular Processes

Human or Vertebrate Anatomy
4 Semester Hours are Required
Lab not Required

BI 258 and 259
or BI 256

Human Anatomy

Human or Vertebrate Physiology
4 Semester Hours are Required
Lab not Required

BI 258 and 259
or BI 358

Human Physiology

Business or Marketing or Economics: One Course is Recommended, but not Required.

Recommended, but not Required: EC 232 or EC 233
or MGT 231 or MGT 320 or MGT 332 or MKT 231

Fundamental courses in business, marketing or economics


The Stefani Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at the University of Saint Mary is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia, 22314; telephone: 703-706-3245; email:; website:
USM DPT Program Student Outcomes (As of 2/3/2016)

1. Graduation Rate:  97% for Class of 2015 (first class graduated on May 9, 2015).
2. Ultimate Licensure Examination Pass Rate:  91.9% for Class of 2015.
3. Employment Rate of graduates looking for employment as a PT within one year of graduation: 100% for the Class of 2015.

DPT Admissions Center