Class Ambassadors Help Keep Alumni Connected


Do you have fond memories of your days at Saint Mary?  Do you wonder what all your old classmates are up to?  Are you interested in coming to the next Saint Mary Alumni Reunion?

Your alma mater could use your help!  We're looking for volunteers to be Class Ambassadors, or CAs for short.  A CA would help the USM development office track down their classmates and make sure their contact info is up to date!

And, perhaps most importantly, we want to make sure all class years know the dates of their next Saint Mary Alumni Reunion. 

This year’s reunion was a lot of fun and the majority of our attendees came because a past classmate had contact them or was going to be in attendance.

You are one of our most valued resources. You can help other alumni stay up to date on the wonderful goings-on at Saint Mary. Class Ambassadors will be crucial in helping to make our future alumni reunions successful and in keeping your classmates connected.

Any contribution can help. A couple of hours a month can go a long way to maintaining those important Saint Mary connections. 

As a CA, you will be provided with a list of their classmates. And you can control how you're contacted, via email, phone, or regular mail. Class Ambassadors will also receive special recognition during their alumni reunion weekend and a special discount on their RSVP fee for participation.

If you're interested or would like more information, please contact Sharon Clay at 913-758-6108 or  


Stay Connected

Can you spare a few hours a month to help maintain the Saint Mary community? Become a Class Ambassador!

Contact Sharon Clay for more info at 913-758-6108 or